Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc. has developed the Vapor Pin™, a unique, patented, re-usable sub-slab soil-gas sampling device. Traditional sub-slab soil-gas sampling methods are time consuming, expensive, and prone to leaks. Cox-Colvin designed the Vapor Pin™ specifically to eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional sub-slab soil gas sampling methods. Advantages of the Vapor Pin™ over traditional methods include:

  • unique patented design reduces the potential for leaks during sample collection, improving sample quality;
  • built-in disposable seal eliminates the need for grout, increasing productivity;
  • connects easily to sampling equipment;
  • easily installed, sampled, and retrieved for reuse;
  • reduces damage to the slab;
  • reduces sampling time allowing collection of more samples for less cost, and thus provides a better understanding of site conditions.

The patented design of the Vapor Pin™ provides environmental professionals a means of collecting high-quality, low-cost soil gas samples within minutes. Plus, the Vapor Pin™ is made in the USA.

Vapor Pin